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Dr. Azia Vein Specialist in Connecticut

Dr. Gregory Azia has been practicing for 12 years in Connecticut, performing venous treatments right in his office. With walk- in and walk-out service available you can come when it is right for you. Dr. Azia is a vein specialist and is board certified in the removal and treatment of veins and vein disorders. Typically, normal activity can be resumed the next day. Most insurance plans cover both consultation and procedure, and We’re So Vain is currently accepting all insurance plans.

Choosing The Right Doctor

When choosing a doctor for your varicose vein or other vascular disorders, it is important to be educated on your options. Dr. Azia is committed to patient education and his consultations strongly promote a number of options in order to find the right treatment for you.

Treatment Options:

– General Laparoscopic

– Vascular Surgery

All consultations are covered by insurance.
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